The Children’s Health Foundation assembles leading pediatricians to declare clinical initiatives to improve children’s health outcomes and rapidly develop, test and spread practical and sustainable improvements in pediatric care delivery processes. CHF staff consists of a highly effective blend of roles including physician, process engineering, quality improvement and analytical experts who are effective in championing the development and analytical aspects of Foundation programs which enables pediatricians and their practices to focus on implementation of care delivery processes and enhancing the quality of patient care.

Sustainability of quality improvement

  • CHF facilitates collaboration between leading pediatricians and practices, and also engages with insurers, policy-makers and other industry stakeholders in order to influence policy with the voice of pediatricians and their private practices. CHF efforts are recognized as adding clinical value to the care of pediatric patients by incorporating evidence-based research and proven methodologies that have undergone leading-edge testing and development. CHF improvements are practical for quick deployment with limited and stretched practice resources, and must be sustainable over time, which includes the need for alignment with regulatory or medical industry directives.
  • Participation in the CHF offers the ability to collaborate with other pediatric providers to improve pediatric care delivery.
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