Brecken Baggs

Project Manager

Brecken Baggs is the Project Manager, Clinical Programs at Children’s Health Alliance. Brecken is most passionate about projects that foster innovation and community-driven change. Early in her professional career, Brecken joined the Teach for America Corps and taught 150 low-income and migrant students in Memphis, TN. Through this experience, Brecken quickly learned that access to quality healthcare was a major contributing factor to her students’ ability to come to school ready to learn. As a project manager in health care settings for the past 7 years, Brecken has had the opportunity to lead efforts in improving health care infrastructures and services resulting in improved outcomes for Oregon’s most vulnerable populations. In her free time, Brecken can be found dining out with other foodies, going to Blazers games, or exploring town in her favorite hot pink raincoat.