CHF’s Pediatric Asthma Registry is now effectively integrated into the care delivery workflows of twenty-eight pediatric practice sites and contains clinical information on over 10,500 pediatric asthma patients. Care Management reports are provided for these patients to highlight which elements of care are due (Ex: action plan, spirometry, flu shot, etc.) to assist practices with proactively scheduling appropriate care.

Within just months, CHF practices achieved remarkable improvement across the clinical care metrics and have sustained this high level of care through 2010, 2011 and 2012 while growing the registry population. Results include:

  • >5,500 additional patients with current action plan (938% increase) in first 2 years
  • >4,800 additional patients with proactive asthma maintenance “well” visit (832% increase) in first 2 years
  • >3,000 additional patients with appropriate spirometry testing (546% increase) in first 2 years

These clinical measures are indicators of improved health outcomes. Data shows that Foundation practices maintain lower ED and hospitalization rates than comparison pediatric practices.

CHF is cognizant that effectiveness and sustainability of clinical improvements are critical to the success of pediatric practices.

The Children’s Health Foundation is pleased that this effective and proven CHF Asthma Care Management program is endorsed by the American Board of Pediatrics as an Established Quality Improvement Project demonstrating competence in systematic measurement and improvement in patient care. Participation in this program credits CHF members with 40 points toward the Performance in Practice (Part 4) requirement for Pediatrician Maintenance of Certification (MOC).