The Children’s Health Foundation supports pediatricians in the delivery of top quality pediatric asthma care and proactive management of the population of children with asthma. 100% of the 125 pediatrician members of CHF attended training on the current NIH/NHLBI clinical asthma guidelines, and pledged participation in a rigorous asthma care management improvement initiative which included measurement of six clinical care metrics and utilization of a newly developed pediatric asthma patient registry ®. Within months, these pediatricians achieved great improvements in their practice and treatment of children with asthma.

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“Children's Health Foundation is pleased to present reflections from a few of our pediatrician members and a parent & child who recognize the benefits of enhanced pediatric asthma care after a concentrated asthma care management improvement initiative led by our not-for-profit organization. This effort involved collaboration of private practice pediatricians with a passion to provide the highest level of care for children in our community.”

After one and two years of rapid cycle adoption of practical tools and workflows, transparent measurement and continuous improvement, the 125 pediatricians collectively raised the bar on pediatric asthma care to a level rarely matched anywhere in the country.


In 2009, the Children’s Health FoundationA [CHF] launched an Asthma Care Management Improvement Initiative to utilize and measure the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) guidelines for asthma care with the following goals:

  • Improve the overall health of the pediatric asthmatic population
  • Provide better preventative services to children with asthma
  • Reduce asthma related Emergency Department (ED) utilization and hospitalization associated with exacerbation of inadequately managed asthma
  • The 125+ pediatrician members of CHF delegated physician and clinical staff leaders within their private practices to collaborate in partnership with quality and process engineering staff of CHF to execute a formal asthma care management improvement initiative. The aim of this effort is to raise the level of asthma care for children by building capacity and competence in pediatric practices for population management and application of current asthma clinical guidelines.