Compassion-Informed Care Training Materials 

 Table of Contents- Compassion-Informed Care Binder

 Handouts and Staff Resources 

 Self Care Guide  

 Manager Resources

 Compassion-Informed Care Implementation Resources

 Behavioral Health Clinician and Provider Handouts

 Compassion-Informed Care Handouts for Parents


OPS: ACEs/Trauma-Informed Care AAP Bright Futures

AAP Resilience Project

AAP Connected Kids
Trauma Informed Oregon Fostering Resilience
Resiliency in Action Penn Resiliency Program
Search Institute Resilience Trumps Aces

Promoting Healthy Outcomes From Positive Experiences  

CDC Essentials for Childhood Framework

 Reading Materials

 –     Resiliency in Action:  Nan Henderson, Editor (with Bonnie Benard & Nancy Sharp-Light)

 –     Zero to Five:  By Tracy Cutchlow          
        Link to the discount for for Children's Health Alliance members click here.

 –    Weislender A, Cates CB, Dryer BP, et al. Promotion of Positive Parenting and Prevention 
       of Socioemotional DisparitiesPediatrics 2016;137(2):e20153239 Link to abstract

 –     Marsac M, Kassam-Adams, N, Hildenbrand A, Nicholls E, Winston F, Leff S, Feln J.         
Implementing a Trauma-Informed Approach in Pediatric Health Care Networks:  JAMA         
        Pediatrics, January 2016  Volume 170  Link to abstract