The mission of the Children’s Health Foundation is to improve health outcomes for children by fostering a strong culture of quality improvement.

Our success is due to the commitment of pediatricians to CHF’s quality initiatives and actionable measures that enable meaningful changes in care, and the support of our partners. Commitment to CHF quality programs is achieved because pediatricians themselves declare which clinical initiatives should be the focus based on current issues and always with the goal of delivering top quality patient-centered pediatric care.

The pediatrician members of CHF have an unwavering focus on the health of children and the care experience of them, their families and their pediatric care teams. High quality, patient-centered care guides their areas of focus for clinical improvement, and they are dedicated to collect actionable measures and engage in meaningful changes in care delivery. CHF staff members provide leadership with quality improvement approaches, process engineering and analytics in order to effectively facilitate their efforts.

Supporting Pediatricians to Improve Patient Care

  • Pediatric Clinical Quality Improvement: Leadership, facilitation, education, development, implementation, analytical support.
  • Analytical Support: CHF provides practice level reports and analytical support for all of its quality initiatives.
  • Maintenance of Certification Credit: For pediatricians participating in CHF programs with ABP endorsement.
  • Educational seminars and training: Raising awareness through educational seminars provided to the pediatric community on health care topics such as immunizations, quality improvement methods, asthma education, etc.
  • Distinguishing Pediatric Practices: Adding credibility and visibility to practices with the Children’s Health Foundation branding.