Who can participate in the activities of the Children’s Health Foundation?

Any licensed medical provider (MD, DO, PNP) who cares for children, operating independently or in a medical practice.

What is the cost of participation in the Children’s Health Foundation?

There is an annual charge per provider to participate in the activities of CHF. These fees help to support the staff required to assist practices in their quality work. Please contact us for additional details.

Participants in the Children’s Health Foundation Quality Initiatives should meet the following criteria:

  • Licensed pediatrician or pediatric provider (MD, DO, PNP)
  • Interested in proactive, comprehensive pediatric care and collaborating with other pediatric practices.
  • Willing to designate a provider “champion” and a clinical staff or office staff person(s) for each participating site as an implementation specialist” responsible for collecting patient data.
  • Willing to develop workflow changes

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